SANDERS HAWAII SHIRT IN RED (เสื้อฮาวายสีแดง) | KFC Colonel's Collection


SANDERS HAWAII SHIRT IN RED (เสื้อฮาวายสีแดง) (L (Chest 44", Length 28.5"))

A relaxed Hawaiian shirt that will unleash your fun side along with the Colonel! 

A Hawaiian shirt made for all seasons! Giving you confidence to enjoy all activities through a vibrant, yet unique design where you can match with any style. Made from Italian silk that provides everyday comfort. 

Terms and Condition:

  • Please ensure the color, size and quantity is all correct before ordering  
  • Once ordered, the item cannot be returned

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850.00 BAHT
S (Chest 40", Length 26.5") M (Chest 42", Length 27.5") L (Chest 44", Length 28.5") XL (Chest 48", Length 30.5")

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